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Your Complete Guide to Hiring an Auto Injury Atlanta Attorney

If you’ve sustained an auto injury in Atlanta, you may be able to obtain compensation for your losses. Learn more here.

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Maha represents clients in state and federal court litigation as well as administrative proceedings. Her practice specializes in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense, and real estate closings. Published on: March 13, 2019. Last updated on: July 13, 2019.

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Amircani Law is different than the high-volume, quick-to-settle firms. Many of these firms are afraid of the courtroom and will take the first offer from the insurance companies.

What Happens When You Experience an Auto Injury Atlanta?

When you experience an auto injury in Atlanta, Georgia, it is generally a mentally, physically, and financially traumatic time. Often you won’t know where to turn. Whether it is merely the financial difficulties after an Atlanta auto accident or perhaps you suffered a severe physical injury that required immediate or ongoing treatment or you lost a loved one, the right Georgia law team can make the following years of your life a little bit easier.

It is necessary to contact a local lawyer for a free consultation to help you make the right legal decisions after a car crash. Whether you were responsible for the car accident or you were the victim, you will likely need legal counsel. 

The team at Amircani Law may be the right legal firm for your needs. If you have experienced an Atlanta car accident and want an experienced advocate and representative on your side, call us today!

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Obtaining Auto Injury Recovery Atlanta, Georgia

After an auto injury in Atlanta, you may have multiple questions. What should you do? How should you proceed? What are your options?

Auto accidents, when they occur, often result in personal injury. A motorcycle accident injury is likely even more disastrous since the driver is more vulnerable. Motorcycle riders are more exposed and therefore more prone to becoming injured or even killed if they are in an automobile accident with other drivers. Head, neck, and spine injuries are common if the rider is thrown from the bike.

Victims who suffer an auto injury in Atlanta and seek compensation to treat their symptoms should schedule a consultation to discuss services with a lawyer today.


The Atlanta Super Speeder Law Complications

If you have been injured in a car by someone going well over the speed limit, you may experience serious injuries. According to the Georgia super speeder law, those driving at excessive speeds face serious consequences depending on the location. Drivers accused of violating the Atlanta super speeder laws face more stringent consequences.

Victims injured by those must immediately report the automobile accident to their insurance company to file a claim and consult a local law office.

Some of these car accident compensations include:

  • Costs for medical attention or chiropractor costs
  • Compensation for lost wages
  • Legal expenses after vehicular accident injuries
  • Treatment for pain

After you have been injured, schedule an appointment with an attorney skilled in vehicle insurance negotiations and court litigation if necessary. This is not the time to try to handle things on your own — Amircani Law is ready to fight for your rights.

Auto Injury Recovery Atlanta
If you have been involved in a Auto Injury Atlanta, speak with an attorney about your options.

The Various Atlanta Injury Ramifications After a Car Accident

When you have been involved in an Atlanta injury from a bus or truck accident, there are many additional issues to consider. With commercial vehicles, there is a more significant number of potentially responsible parties. 

Depending on the cause of auto accidents, it may be the liability of the vehicle manufacturer, the company owner, or the other driver. Only a knowledgeable law firm will be able to advise you and represent you accurately.


What You Might Face After an Auto Accident in Atlanta, GA

There are a number of auto injuries that may require initial, future, or ongoing compensation. These might include but will not be limited to the following ramifications and their financial complications:

  • Chronic pain and suffering
  • Emergency room fees
  • Expenses involved in rehabilitation
  • Future medical expenses
  • Initial medical expenses
  • Long-term injuries to the spine
  • Medical treatment for soft tissue injuries to the body
  • Muscle pain
  • Whiplash and neck pain

These also include costs related to the untimely loss of life, whether it occurs immediately, within hours, or even after a year of the auto injury in Atlanta. It is imperative that you seek the advice of your personal doctor to treat any symptoms. Then you can file a claim right away with an insurance company. 

An auto injury Atlanta attorney will negotiate the best terms and help you obtain chiropractic reimbursement or other medical treatments after an accident involving a vehicle.


What to Do After an Auto Accident Injury

After a car accident, you should gather information if law enforcement authorities, your insurance company, or your attorney need to determine who was at fault and, therefore, who was legally responsible.

  • Call the authorities
  • Document any injuries
  • Save all documentation from medical practitioners
  • Take down names and contact information of any witnesses
  • Take pictures of the damage and location

Dealing with insurance companies after car accidents can be complex. Their goal is to negate claims and avoid risk. To improve your chances of getting compensation after car accidents, you should consult a local Atlanta car accident attorney who can advocate for you.

Auto Injury Lawyer Atlanta

If you’ve been involved in a auto injury in Atlanta, speak with Amircani Law about your options for free.

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Retain a Reputable Lawyer After Atlanta Georgia Accidents

By living through multiple vehicular collisions, your insurance rates increase, your driving record suffers, and you may have criminal implications. By retaining an Atlanta attorney, you may be able to avoid all or some of the negative results.

Plus, without the representation of legal counsel, your medical costs may not be covered. If you require multiple visits to a chiropractor, it can become expensive, and your insurance won’t always cover it. After Atlanta accidents, you should contact a local attorney to schedule a free consultation. Call us today.


Hiring an Attorney in Atlanta, GA After an Accident

When you have experienced an auto injury in Atlanta, GA, you need law advice from a local office to deal with the legal process and obtain relief for your property damages and any treatment for accident injuries.

Even if you don’t immediately notice them, your injuries may manifest over time. Symptoms of spine and neck problems that require chiropractic intervention and treatment can increase or become evident weeks later.

Request a consultation with a reputable legal attorney to find out more about the personal injury legal services offered after an auto accident. After a car accident, call us by phone today for a free consultation!

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An Atlanta car accident can be scary. The injuries and financial impact it might have on your life can be truly daunting. We’ve been there before and know how to help.

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