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The firm’s mission is to provide high quality, creative, and result – oriented legal representation to our clients. As personal injury attorneys in Atlanta, our focus is not on big businesses or corporations, but rather on individuals and their families. We have won settlements for our clients worth millions of dollars. Begin with a free case evaluation and have an ally in your corner when battling the insurance companies.


Have you been injured in an Atlanta auto accident? Get help today following vehicle accidents in Atlanta.


If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle crash in Atlanta, we can help


Learn how to get the best settlement after a tractor trailer or truck accident in Atlanta. Legal advice you can bank on.


Learn the most important steps to take if you’ve been attacked by a dog or involved in a dog bite incident in Atlanta, Georgia. Speak with a Georgia personal injury attorney today.


Contact an Atlanta brain injury lawyer if you have you suffered a traumatic brain injury. Learn how to get the help you deserve.


Have you been injured in an Atlanta Bus Crash? Whether it was a MARTA accident, a school bus, or a church bus, injury lawyers in Atlanta are here to help.



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Amircani Law, located in Midtown Atlanta, will fight to pursue compensation for the injured in all types of injury cases, including those involving an uninsured/underinsured motorist, in a hit and run, or by a person who was texting while driving. Maha Amircani is a Georgia native born to immigrant parents from Egypt. Before founding her personal injury law firm, Ms. Amircani practiced with the firm of Parks, Chesin, & Walbert, one of Georgia’s most well respected civil rights firms. Ms. Amircani lives in West Midtown neighborhood of Metro Atlanta with her Yorkshire Terrier, Janet.

Ms. Amircani possesses years of experience and has guided numerous clients through the claims process after serious injury, involving all types of accidents, including car accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents, those caused by dangerous roads, bus accidents, pedestrian accidents, drunk driving accidents, and more.

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Your Atlanta Attorney for Personal Injury Claims

If you suffered an injury, whether, from a car/motorcycle accident, a slip, and fall, or something else, you might be entitled to compensation – call today. An Atlanta personal injury lawyer can help you get the support you deserve to cover all of your injury-related expenses. These expenses can include lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and property damage. Amircani Law is a personal injury firm that is dedicated to providing aggressive, high-quality personal injury representation to you and your loved ones.

We know a motorcycle or car accident on the busy Atlanta roads can change your life forever in just moments. During these overwhelming and scary times, Maha Amircani goes above and beyond to support her clients. If you’ve been injured because of another party’s negligence, contact a lawyer right away. Make sure to speak with an Atlanta attorney before you speak to the insurance companies involved. Most insurance companies try to reach an injury settlement that is best for them, not you. They often try to stonewall accident victims to prevent them from receiving compensation for an injury. We work quickly to preserve valuable evidence, get all the facts, and limit the insurance company’s ability to avoid paying you in your personal injury case.

When facing a personal injury, you want your Atlanta attorney to resolve things yesterday. At the Amircani Law Firm, we act swiftly and decisively to ensure those liable for your injuries are held accountable.

Aggressive and Responsive Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

Attorney Maha Amircani, a Georgia native, is an Atlanta lawyer who is fearless when it comes to pursuing every measure possible to best represent her clients’ interests. Ms. Amircani is no stranger to hugely successful verdicts and settlements. She is not afraid of difficult cases. She will aggressively defend your legal rights or get you the financial justice you deserve in a personal injury case. Whether you were arrested on a criminal charge or you’ve been injured in an accident, Maha Amircani is your Atlanta lawyer.

In GA, there are many attorneys ready to take your money and provide legal representation. However, no one provides legal representation like Amircani Law. Ms. Amircani is an Atlanta attorney who works tirelessly to obtain the best outcomes for all her clients.

As a small, boutique firm, Amircani Law has the ability to focus on every case the firm accepts. Injury victims receive excellent attention. Founded in 2013 in Fulton County of Georgia Atlanta on this principle, wanting to provide creative, this injury law firm provides individualized legal counsel for each and every client. Unlike a lot of other Atlanta attorneys, she works directly with you to resolve your legal matter. This sets Amircani Law apart from other GA law firms. Rather than working with a secretary or paralegal, you will always communicate directly with your attorney. For criminal defense cases and personal injury suits in Atlanta, Amircani Law provides the highest level of attentiveness and is an experienced Atlanta attorney.

When faced with legal needs such as a personal injury case, criminal charges, or even a real estate closing, trust Amircani Law in GA for the best legal representation. Reach out now, learn about the cases we handle and set up a consultation at your convenience.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta and all of Georgia

There are many causes of a motor vehicle accident and grounds for personal injury cases. It takes a determined and knowledgeable attorney to discover what these are in order to maximize your potential settlement, especially in death cases. It is important to establish negligence early on, as witnesses and other evidence can become more difficult to find as time passes. Our firm will document all of the types of injuries you may have suffered, whether it was a catastrophic injury, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, premises liability, wrongful death, defective products, bicycle accidents, motor vehicle crashes, soft tissue injury, traumatic brain injury, whiplash, product liability, accidents slip and fall or other personal injury matters. If you were injured at work, we can investigate your workers compensation claim and what type of benefits you may be entitled to.

When serious injuries occur, the first thing you want to concentrate on is getting the medical attention you need. It is important to retain an attorney with personal injury law experience to assist you with this difficult process. It can be a complex and time-consuming matter to negotiate with an insurance company when you should be focusing on your recovery. After a free case evaluation, our law offices will work tirelessly to thoroughly document all of your damages so that you can obtain the compensation you deserve, which can include your medical costs, lost wages and pain, and suffering. Other coverages may also apply, depending on the nature of your injury and accident. Our compassionate and dedicated personal injury lawyers will help you seek the compensation you deserve.

In 2019, you deserve a professional attorney with plenty of positive reviews in the ‘404’. Look for a team of people who will be happy to answer your questions with care, privacy, and take serious action on your behalf.  We encourage you to review some of our helpful resources on the website or come into the office. While we may not be a national firm with a super inflated marketing budget, we will put our level of service next to anyone in the country. You can count on Amircani Law when litigation is inevitable. Our team of super lawyers will ensure that you receive the award you deserve. Call now to speak with one of our associates, who are skilled at obtaining success with a lawsuit and have the history to prove it. 

Amircani Law will never stop helping and fighting for personal injury awards on your behalf, ensuring that the person or business responsible is held accountable. Sadly, the system is set up against the little guy in the form of an army of lawyers on the insurance company’s side. Often a company will sell a bill of goods or services, lay out the terms, but then fail to deliver after accidents trucks. You need someone in your corner, with years of experience representing you. No matter your area of Atlanta, whether you are in Marietta, near Emory University, Roswell, Alpharetta, Jonesboro, Decatur, or Duluth. If you’re still unconvinced about your, check out the rating the firm has received over and over on Google Reviews. You’ll see testimonials about affordable fees, recognized excellence, and success with providing solutions. Often in personal injury cases, there is no cost to you as we advocate on your behalf in tort cases. Choose a local attorney with a great reputation, who is no stranger to the courtroom. With the tremendous ability of understanding, knowledge, and the goal of helping you recover as soon as possible, with the fees you deserve. 

If you’ve been involved in an accident, the first thing to do is call the police. Start to take down details about the location, nation or street where the accident took place. If you have a video of the incident, great, make sure to save it. Your details about the driver, the site, or the community where it happened can be invaluable. If the accident took place in the workplace, you may be eligible for a workers compensation claim. Choose someone who is rated, reliable and has a history of defending their clients through ethical representation all day. 


Protecting your rights is our top priority. Schedule a free consultation with Amircani Law today.

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